Laura Ljungqvist, WordPress Developer




  • Responsive and mobile friendly website and webshop.
  • Design customisation and development.
  • Keep your website updated.

Online Marketing

  • Adding Google analytics.
  • Help improve your SEO.
  • Search engine marketing and display adds.
  • Cohesive branding.

Content Marketing

  • Create a social media marketing strategy.
  • Blogs, newsletters, video and other content marketing.
  • Community outreach.


  • Plan, create, execute and evaluate campaigns.
  • Website, content marketing and SEO/SEM updates.
  • Regular testing.



Laura Ljungqvist profile

Laura Ljungqvist

I’m is a designer and front-end developer with a background in graphic design, and a focus on online branding, content marketing and accessibility. The Netherlands, Georgia and Sweden are where I’m local, and I’m currently residing in Norrk√∂ping.

I have managed teams of 10-25 people, but can also spend hours working by myself. Currently my learning focus is on Angular and ethical design.