Laura Ljungqvist

Hello, my name is Laura Ljungqvist, and I work from Sweden. My design focus is on the intersection of the internet and well-being. Some of my favorite things are organizing and ethical design.

My tools of the trade are Adobe, G SuiteWordPressand Humane by Design. My  aesthetics combine minimalism, high contrast and bright colors, and is inspired by the great Takashi Murakami, Irma Boom, Polaroid and Génis Carreras

Currently my focus is on the complete overhaul of this website, and restructuring of my catalog. Including commercial work, self-initiated projects and resources around the focus of my work.

I’m available for hire. Send a message to contact (at)

Laura Ljungqvist is a Dutch designer working from Sweden. Her aesthetics combine minimalism, high contrast and bright colors.

Some of her previous works included brand identities, websites, data analytics, content marketing and social media. She has a passion for organizing and her drive is ethical design. 

I’m currently available for hire. Send a message to contact (at)

Sunsafe Interior branding

Form & Function

Commercial work. Former clients, employers and projects.

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Create for Creativity

Self-initiated projects. Creating to explore ideas and stay curious.

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The variety of experience in the field of my work.

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Designed by Humans

Everything in the world was either designed by nature or designed by humans. Whilst that thought can be daunting, it also reminds me that Rome wasn’t build in a day.

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Commercial Work

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Savback Helicopters

Digital marketing, social media, websites and branding.

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Frontend web development, digital marketing and branding.

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Websites, brand management, printed & digital marketing.