Artist, Designer & Creative Consultant

Hej, my name is Laura, I’m pan-European, grew up in the Netherlands, and living in Sweden. Currently I am looking for local or remote opportunities.

Laura Ljungqvist

In short

For the most part, I’m a generalist, not a specialist, and my work is somewhere between design, technology and digital marketing.

People have described me as creative, enthusiastic and compassionate. Can work well in teams, and by myself, but I prefer to work in a duo. There’s nothing as effective as being able to bounce ideas off someone.

The tools I can’t work without are Adobe, G Suite, and WordPress.

What am I up to

Currently I am taking on local and remote projects, and am looking for new opportunities.

My work

The past 15 years are a mix of freelance and professional work experience. In recent years I have worked with Sunsafe, Fogwise and Savback Helicopters, among others.

View a more comprehensive list on the Commercial Work page.

My life

I was born 1987 in Groningen in the Netherlands. Since a young age my dream job was “something with computers”, a sentiment which was reconfirmed after I was allowed to use the internet for the first time at since age 11.

I’ve spend years exploring the internet, and have been an active participant on social media since as long as I can remember, starting on MySpace, Cu2, Hyves and Tumblr. This is where I learned how to write HTML and CSS.

Other than being online, my teen years were spend making photos and videos, sing songs and  I even organized a music festival at a local bar, at 17. After completing VMBO-t and Have, I attended Minerva School for Fine Arts & Design in Groningen.

At age 24 I moved to Sweden, got married, and bought a home. During this time I took a variety of Swedish courses, and have proudly been graded an A in English 7.

Also an avid gamer. The gaming world can be a very welcoming community, and personally I have also created, nurtured and managed a variety of communities.

In recent years I have become really interested in ethical design, and how we can use the internet and technology to build things that are good for us.

Not me

Laura Ljungkvist. Swedish Brooklynite, illustrator, designer and writer of children’s books.

Laura Ljungqvist Design

My personal brand is a continuous work in progress, however I’m extremely proud of how I have evolved and elevated it over the years. It represents my personality, aesthetics and my work. And is a way for me to express my love for black, rainbows and learning.

Laura Ljungqvist

the designer

Laura Ljungqvist logoLaura Ljungqvist design logo

the brand

The future is bright,
the future is colorful!

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