I’m a Dutch designer, currently living and working from Sweden. Here’s a list of things that I tell people at parties, and that people sometimes find interesting about me.



Born 1987 in the Netherlands.

First ever dream job was “something with computers”.

On the internet since age 11.

Spend my teens taking photos, making videos, sing songs and organized a festival.

On social media since MySpace.

Attended Minerva School for Fine Arts & Design.

Taught myself HTML, CSS, how to work with WordPress, Bootstrap and Material Design.

Passionate about ethical design.

Moved to Sweden at 24, got married, and bought a home.

Took a variety of Swedish courses, and have proudly been graded an A in English 7.

Also an avid gamer. Created, nurtured and managed a variety of communities.

Can work well in teams, and by myself, but prefer to work in a duo.

My tools of the trade are Adobe, G Suite, WordPress and Humane by Design.

Print Design
Web Design
Online Marketing
Creative Content
Rich Media
Community Building
Ethical Design

I love making, let me know if I can make something for you.