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Alone Together: Community

Our interactions with our friends, family and coworkers were heavily affected during the pandemic.
Alone Together - Community
Alone Together - Community

Alone Together is a part series I created in an attempt to process the chaos of 2020. One of the major themes for so many of us, is the connection to our communities, and how we’re adapting to new norms and values.

That feeling when you’re feel like giving people a hug, or a simple handshake. Greeting people with an obvious distance between you. Not being able to travel, and having to miss distant relatives and friends, for a still unknown time.


COVID-19 has been a global pandemic that has impacted the lives of people around the world. As it spread, people began to talk more about what they personally heard and did to be safe. This type of conversation often took the form of gossip, where people shared information they had heard from others or personal experiences related to the pandemic. While gossip is often seen as a negative thing, in this case, it actually helped us to understand the situation in a time where we had little understanding.

During the early days of the pandemic, information was scarce and often contradictory. As a result, people turned to each other for information and advice on how to stay safe. This led to a lot of gossip and rumor-mongering, but it also helped us to get a better understanding of the situation. By talking to others, we were able to learn what precautions were being taken in different places and what seemed to be working.

Social Norms

All of our social interactions have changed. We’re cut off from people. We’re sometimes forced to spend more time with other people, while we work remotely. And our social events, concerts, restaurant visits, they’re cancelled. Our interaction with the people around us feels so messed up. And especially now, I feel more the urge to hug and be with people, cause I want them not to hurt, or be scared. The best way, so far, that I’ve heard that has helped me, is the reminder that everyone has their own rules. If we’re open minded to what makes others comfortable can vary. The science changes every day, and not everyone has the same information. We’re basically reconstructing social norms. And until some of these become more common, it’s going to be a process of just being kind to each other, I think.

Lockdown Sessions

I’ve been incredibly inspired by all the initiatives to encourage people to do be safe, such as the posters, videos and other social media content advocating for staying home, keeping distance , creating new replacements for hand shakes and washing our hands.

One of the big examples of this has been Global Citizen who had a several hour stream, with many artists and celebrities giving people a sense of global connectedness and optimism.

Many DJs started streaming live sets online, whilst dealing with cancelled tour dates. And Eurovision presented the music videos rather than live performances.

Of course these are not the same as “normal”, but we’re all trying our best, and I feel encouraged by this that we can get through this together. 

Advise given to me

  • Prepare food with your family.
  • Reach out to loved ones.
  • Help out others if you can do so safely.
  • Be mindful of the stress on the healthcare system.
  • Choose to not be part of the problem.
  • Tweet about connection with strangers.
  • News friends & emotionally check in friends.
  • Everybody has their own rules.


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Anything missing? I’m working on adding more. If you have any suggestions for things that have really helped you, I would really like to hear about it. Stay safe, and take care <3

Originally posted: April 17, 2020.