Self-Initiated Projects

Somewhere in Another Multiverse

Another Multiverse was inspired by NASA’s new gigantic space telescope, it's a simple representation of the telescope, and a multiverse around it.
Another Multiverse Nasa Telescope
Another Multiverse Nasa Telescope

Another Multiverse

“Somewhere in Another Multiverse” is a small project inspired by NASA’s new gigantic space telescope, The James Webb Space Telescope, which was being build at the time.

This was intended as a small project, it’s easy to get carried away by the vastness of space. I made 10 panels, and attempted to make a unique layout using different techniques. The panels can be rearranged according to preference.

I started with the telescope panel. It was a simple representation of the telescope, and then I slowly expanded, and build a universe around it. 

Another Multiverse banner


As a young girl, thinking about space used to scare me, and by that I mean the impossibility of attempting to imagine the size of it all. The size of planets, or how they could look. So much unknown.

I imagined these planets, as they were, but static. However a few years ago, on Tumblr, I saw the most amazing gif, of our solassystem, as it moved through space.

How the planets move around their axis, how we move around our sun, and how we move collectively. Traveling at an enormous pase, as they travel through their universe.

For me, this changed everything. Now the idea of space, and exploring beyond the stars, it excites me.

Star Shine

Another thing I wanted to convey, was a representation of memories I have of my father’s books, which he used to keep at our house. Science fiction books with covers so worn, they were falling apart.

These books showed me to fantastical worlds, the strangest creatures and beautiful explosions of light.

This version of futurism, that you find in old Star Trek series, Star Wars, comics and scifi books, is where I drew a lot of my inspiration from.


Inspired by “The Cosmos”, a space odyssey. Visualizing the view of the sky from a planet in another multiverse. Planets so big that they are unavoidable. Considering a world beyond our known understanding.

Also inspired by the eclipse in the beautiful logo of the 2006 TV show “Heroes”.


I’m really happy with the current form of Somewhere in Another Multiverse, but I do feel it’s still a work in progress.

It’s my hope to make this into physical tiles to decorate my office, but due to time constraints that’s currently on hold. I’d have to look into what method and materials I want to use. But I will update on this project when I come back to it in the future.

Tools of the Trade

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Material Design