About me

Laura Ljungqvist; designer, SEO and digital marketer, with a passion for exploring the intersection of design and technology.

Laura Ljungqvist

Hej, my name is Laura

I grew up in the Netherlands and have been living in Sweden for the past decade. I work in the field of digital marketing and design, while also pursuing my hobby of creating things. My professional responsibilities revolve around design, SEO, and digital marketing.

People have often used words such as creative, enthusiastic, and empathetic to describe me. While I can work both independently and in teams, I tend to thrive in a collaborative environment. But to me there’s nothing as effective as being able to bounce ideas off someone.

My biggest asset is my versatility, as one of my bosses described “she can see the bigger picture between websites, marketing and design”.  The tools I can’t work without are Adobe suite, Google tools, and WordPress.

What am I up to

Currently I am employed as a visual designer at Totalmedia, a marketing agency situated in Finspång. My primary focus is on graphic and web design, as well as digital marketing. In my role, I am responsible for developing and maintaining websites, providing consultation on and executing digital campaigns, and contributing to the production of our printed magazine “Fokus Finspång.”

Currently I am taking on local and remote projects, and am looking for new opportunities.

My life

I was born in 1987 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Ever since I was young, my aspiration was to work with computers, which only grew stronger when I had my first experience with the internet at age 11.

As an internet enthusiast, I explored websites, forums, chat rooms, and social media from an early age. Platforms like MySpace, Cu2, and other early social media exposed me to, what would later become, digital marketing. And Tumblr introduced me to HTML and CSS, which I eagerly taught myself to make my pages unique.

I found many ways to express my creativity, including photography, videography, music performance, and even organizing a music festival with a friend when I was 17. After completing both VMBO-t and Havo high schools, I enrolled at the Minerva School for Fine Arts & Design in Groningen. Those were transformative years during which I was exposed to a wide range of questions and ideas, participated in various presentations, and created a live videography performance.

I worked with a diverse range of media and techniques, attended engaging lectures on art history, design, and philosophy, and took courses in Adobe, photography, and design. At age 24, I moved to Sweden, got married, and became a homeowner. I also took various Swedish courses and achieved an A grade in English 7. Additionally, I am an avid gamer and have created, nurtured, and managed numerous gaming communities.

In recent years, I have developed a strong interest in ethical design and using the internet and technology to build products that serve us well.

My work

The past 15 years I have consulted and worked inhouse for companies, including Sunsafe, Fogwise and Savback Helicopters, among others. 

I’m in the process of uploading  my body of work and projects onto this website. These include Commercial Work, Self-initiated Projects and different areas of my professional Focus.

Not me

If you’re looking for Laura Ljungkvist you’re in the wrong place. She is a self-described Swedish Brooklynite, illustrator, designer and writer of children’s books.