Retouch assignment

Retouch Assignment

Assignment This is a small and fun assignment I’ve done for a potential employer. My task was a retouch assignment, to cut out the guy

Snickare Sokes

Snickare Sökes

A concept social media campaign to help a business hire a carpenter through videos on a variety of platforms.

YouTube Video Content and Ads

Video Marketing

It doesn’t have to cost much to start creating video campaigns that work for your business.

Sunsafe Video Design butik Opening

Sunsafe Video Strategy

Sunsafe Design Butik Opening For the opening of the new Sunsafe store in Norrköping, I made an introduction video, to present the store to the

Warcraft ASMR

Warcraft ASMR

The idea was to create ambient/ASMR videos from different zones in World of Warcraft, focusing on what you hear, with the context of where you would hear it.

What Happened Here

What Happened Here

What Happened Here is a Sci-Fi video game concept, and world building upon the beautiful word around us.

Laura Ljungqvist Design logo

Laura Ljungqvist Design

This is who I am both as a person, as a designer and what inspires me. Combining both my colorful personality, but also creating a cohesive space for other brands to shine.

This is the Remiix

This is the Remiix

“This is the Remiix” is a concept for a fictitious gamer and streamer. Inspired by the evolution of gaming and streaming over the last 15 years.



Over the years I’ve worked closely with Sunsafe to make updates to its brand identity. This manifests as an evolving logo, color palette, and website.

This is the Remix website screenshot

Demo: This is the Remiix

Concept website demo for This is the Remiix, a brand concept for a streamer and gamer in World of Warcraft.

Another Multiverse Nasa Telescope

Somewhere in Another Multiverse

Another Multiverse was inspired by NASA’s new gigantic space telescope, it’s a simple representation of the telescope, and a multiverse around it.