What Happened Here language Esperanto

Esperanto Is For Everybody

Communication One of the considerations I had to make for “What Happened Here”, was how to approach communication. The game is multi-player exploration game on

Laura Ljungqvist Design Business Cards

Laura Ljungqvist Business Cards

My personal business cards are one of my proudest works in my collection. I was able to incorporate my own logo, color palette, and make it cohesive with, for example, my digital portfolio.

Website Loading Speed

Loading Speed

We get content faster, and for many of us, our tolerance for slow internet is not what it used to be.

Warcraft ASMR

Warcraft ASMR

The idea was to create ambient/ASMR videos from different zones in World of Warcraft, focusing on what you hear, with the context of where you would hear it.

People Power

People Power

The power of people is in the things we make. We are makers, and I want to make something with you.

Slow Magic

Slow Magic

Unofficial and unauthorized fan-made landing page, made with 💜 for Slow Magic.

What Happened Here

What Happened Here

What Happened Here is a Sci-Fi video game concept, and world building upon the beautiful word around us.

Laura Ljungqvist Design logo

Laura Ljungqvist Design

This is who I am both as a person, as a designer and what inspires me. Combining both my colorful personality, but also creating a cohesive space for other brands to shine.

Revs de cuba

Revs de Cuba

Revs de Cuba is a World of Warcraft Horde guild on Tarren Mill EU. They were formed before the launch of the Shadowlands expansion.

This is the Remiix

This is the Remiix

“This is the Remiix” is a concept for a fictitious gamer and streamer. Inspired by the evolution of gaming and streaming over the last 15 years.

Slow Magic website screenshot

Demo: Slow Magic

Slow Magic With over 100 Million streams to his name, the iconically masked Slow Magic has built a career around otherworldly and unique sounds paired with a live show