Laura Ljungqvist Design Business Cards

Laura Ljungqvist Business Cards

My personal business cards are one of my proudest works in my collection. I was able to incorporate my own logo, color palette, and make it cohesive with, for example, my digital portfolio.

People Power

People Power

The power of people is in the things we make. We are makers, and I want to make something with you.

Laura Ljungqvist Design logo

Laura Ljungqvist Design

This is who I am both as a person, as a designer and what inspires me. Combining both my colorful personality, but also creating a cohesive space for other brands to shine.

light and dark theme

Dark and Light Theme

Increasingly big platforms are adapting to dark and light theme options for their interfaces. Can we do more of this?

Wednesdays We Wear Black

Wednesdays We Wear Black

My mom told me my grandmother would turn over in her grave if she knew I was only wearing black fashion.

Another Multiverse Nasa Telescope

Somewhere in Another Multiverse

Another Multiverse was inspired by NASA’s new gigantic space telescope, it’s a simple representation of the telescope, and a multiverse around it.

Laura Ljungqvist Stockspiration


Stockspiration is an exercise in color, creating panels for my digital portfolio. Incorporating a rainbow of colors from Material Design, photographs from Unsplash and Illustrator.

Laura Ljungqvist

About me

Laura Ljungqvist is a designer, SEO and digital marketer, with a passion for exploring the intersection of design and technology.