Analytics 4

Analytics 4

Google’s new Analytics 4 is set to fully replace Universal Analytics (Analytics 3) on July 1st 2023. We have about a year left to transfer from the old system to the new.

Path to Purchase - Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

Increase marketing effectiveness by understanding the processes, and points of contact, your customers are presented with. Lessons from the experts.

Snickare Sokes

Snickare Sökes

A concept social media campaign to help a business hire a carpenter through videos on a variety of platforms.

YouTube Video Content and Ads

Video Marketing

It doesn’t have to cost much to start creating video campaigns that work for your business.

NKPG Design

NKPG Design

NKPG Design is a small business from Norrköping, Sweden, working with you to rethink your digital visibility.

Open Source

Open Source

Open Source is a decentralized model of software development, with the goal to encourage collaboration.

Shopify Website Landing Page Web Shop Screenshot


Web Shop This is a small project I worked on a few years ago, a one page web shop. For a variety of reasons I