Commercial Work

One of my favorite things about commercial work, is getting to take on the identities of different clients. And whilst doing so, exploring the different aspects of my points of view and aesthetic.

Total Media

Visual Designer & Digital Marketer (since January 2022)

Under construction

Website (since 2020)

During 2020 I made the scary but exciting step to launch NKPG.Design, creating websites and digital marketing solutions for small businesses.

In-House Designer & Consultant (since 2014)

Was closely involved with the website 2020 redesign. Helped create creative content, including SEO, photos and videos. And ran a social media ramp up, on several platforms and with concurrent AdWords campaign. And created a variety of promotional materials, flyers, photos and videos.

Savback Helicopters

Digital Media Manager (2019 – 2020)

While working for Savback Helicopters I had a broad set of responsibilities, which centered around digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing & Website Consultant (since 2019)

Consulted on a digital marketing strategy, including AdWords campaigns. And made custom solutions for the WordPress Woo Commerce web shop.

In-House Designer (2016 – 2018)

Created a light Admin interface, and a dark theme user interface, of the WiseDialer system. Additionally I provided designs for the customer support dashboard interface.

The work also included an update for the Fogwise logo and company branding. And worked on the company social media presence.

Additionally I created branding and an online survey interface for Opinion 1112.

Graphic- and Web Designer (2014 – 2015)

Creating brand identity, logo and social media strategy. Communicated with influencers and other relevant content creators.

I also contributed to the wordpress website, and WooCommerce webshop. And consulted on the digital marketing strategy.