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Laura Ljungqvist is a Dutch designer working from Sweden. Her work bridges design, technology and marketing. She's currently available for hire.


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NKPG Design
NKPG Design

NKPG Design is a small business from Norrköping, Sweden, working with you to rethink your digital visibility.

Sunsafe Garageport photo editing Photoshop
Sunsafe Photo Editing

As the in-house designer for Sunsafe I was responsible for collecting and editing assets in Adobe Photoshop.


In recent years I have worked on a website, consulting and digital marketing with Sunus.

Revs de cuba
Revs de Cuba

Revs de Cuba is a World of Warcraft Horde guild on Tarren Mill EU. They were formed before the launch of the Shadowlands expansion.

Laura Ljungqvist Design logo
Laura Ljungqvist Design

This is who I am both as a person, as a designer and what inspires me. Combining both my colorful personality, but also creating a cohesive space for other brands to shine.