Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Data Studio. Work, projects and learning about analytics.


My web design and marketing work exposed me to data analytics, reviewing effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and gaining a better understanding of different audiences, working a lot with Google AdWords, Analytics, and reports from MailChimp campaigns. 

It has also helped me become a better web designer. Defining relevant content by performing competition- and keyword research, reviewing what content drives traffic, and what could be new opportunities.

This work was made possible by so many people providing the products of their labor for free. Additional to the great Google tools, services such as Fast Or Slow have made a huge difference in my ability to learn and understand data.

Over recent years I have tried to get a better understanding of how I can present the data to stakeholders in informative ways. Data Studio has been one of my favorite tools to set up self updating, recurring reports, and have them sent directly to people’s inbox.

Coming Soon

  • Why I love Google’s Data Studio.
  • What data does and doesn’t teach us.
  • Analytics from video campaigns in AdWords and Youtube.