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My introduction to analytics came from a time when I was blogging, and blogging had just started to become bigger. It was still before the financial trouble around 2010.

On the dashboard of Blogger, I could see each blog post and page visits. Watching the visitors steadily increase monthly.

 It would tell me a bit about the demographic. And most intteresting. And allowed me to see how using the right categories, tags or keywords, getting different audience. And learning from the different searches people use to find the content.

Whilst data can’t teach us everything, I love the insights from analytics, and seeing hard work pay off. I’ve learned anything, is that one the ways I can be most effective, is when I can convey my passion for data, and get that moment of recognition from the client.

Therefore one of my goals is to make website and campaign analytics easier to monitor for clients, and give them the power to make more informed decisions.

My momentary bliss is Google’s Data Studio. It’s a tool which made it incredibly easy to create self updating monthly reports, based on data directly from AdWords and Analytics data. I love this. 

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Why I love Data Studio.

Learing about Google Analytics 4.