Logos, style guides, colors and typography. Work, projects and learning about brand identity.


As a young designer I didn’t always understand how much extra work I was doing for free when a client or employer provided me with nothing more than a color to go out and create ads, flyers and catalogs. I was too afraid to ask, and as a result I have spent hours defining a brand identity from scratch, with varying success.

My approach now starts with collecting assets from the client or sources such as Adobe Stock, but also free stock photos, videos and music. Researching the target audience, to create mood boards and defining a suitable aesthetic. Creating style guides for the use of logos, color swatches, fonts, and how to present the brand across different digital platforms.

My preferred tool is Adobe Illustrator, but I am also comfortable using Adobe InDesign, XD and InCopy, Microsoft Lunacy, and Figma. My inspiration for fearless branding comes from brands and designers including Polaroid, Karl Lagerfeld and Takashi Murakami.

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Laura Ljungqvist Stockspiration

Stockspiration is an exercise in color, creating panels for my digital portfolio. Incorporating a rainbow of colors from Material Design, photographs from Unsplash and Illustrator.

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Laura Ljungqvist Design logo
Laura Ljungqvist Design

This is who I am both as a person, as a designer and what inspires me. Combining both my colorful personality, but also creating a cohesive space for other brands to shine.

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Gaming Hobby or Hazard
Gaming; Hobby or Hazard

You may have read one article or another over the last 30 years describing the dangers of video games, but computer and video game sales keep rising.

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Over the years I have made variations of digital and printed brand designs, from social media campaigns to catalogs.

I’ve worked with various industrial printers such as the Roland RS 540V, creating for example, large banners, car covers, posters and stickers.


I'm currently updating the archive. This will be accessible in the future.