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The very first time I felt I was designing something, was at age 8 or 9. Anything previous felt like a school project or some childish thing kids make.

This time was different, because I felt like I could imagine people doing this for a job, when I made a magazine cover in Word, testing my skills.

It was a re-imagination the teen magazine “Tina”, and of course featured my latest school photo on the cover. Using Word Art I added titles, subtitles, and wrote original copy for the fictional stories that would supposedly be in this magazine. 

I was so proud of my work, I managed to convince my parents to print it in color, by telling them it was a school project.

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Sunsafe website 2015
Sunsafe (2015)

Since 2014 I have created several different things for Sunsafe, a family business, from Norrköping in Sweden, who sell doors, windows, sun protection and garage doors.

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Demo: What Happened Here

Demo website for a video game concept What Happened Here. About flying, exploration, learning about history, and enjoying the beautiful word around us.

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Over the years I have made variations of digital and printed brand designs, from social media campaigns to catalogs.

I’ve worked with various industrial printers such as the Roland RS 540V, creating for example, large banners, car covers, posters and stickers.


I'm currently updating the archive. This will be accessible in the future.