Copy Writing

Creative content, press release, articles, essays and research reports. Work, projects and learning about copy writing.


Writing has always come easy to me. At an early age I became obsessed with reading, and I think that has helped me become a better writer myself. From short stories, to entire fictional biographies, and recently an A in an English 7 class (which consisted mostly of writing essays and research reports). 

I’m well aware that I am not a professional copywriter, but have taken on the role of writing press releases, ad copy, creative content for websites and presentations. My preferred language to write in is English, but if needed I can write in Dutch and Swedish as well.

I’m proud to say that I have been Touch Typing since I took a class at age 11, and can still type more than 400 characters per minute, and am an avid thesaurus user. I do need thorough review and feedback when writing, because I think I have a light form of dyslexia, where sometimes I type faster than I think.

Coming Soon

  • MIA, Run The Jewels & Beyoncé.
  • Interviews with World of Warcraft players.