Catalogs, flyers, banners and business cards. Work, projects and learning about graphic design.


My interest in graphic design originates from my dream of becoming a web designer. I think this began in a time when web design was done outside of coding by graphic designers, before CRMs or drag and drop website builders.

My initial attempts, starting from Paint, and then Adobe  Photoshop and Illustrator. The ideas were there, but I felt handicapped by lack of ability, and the feeling of missing a big gap of knowledge.

The exposure I needed was provided to me in enormous amounts in art school, especially during our trip to Cologne, presented by teachers and artists, and the works of other students presented throughout the school.

Some of my favorite workss and projected allowed me to create business cards, catalogs, banners, posters, stickers and even the design for branding on a car.

I’ve continued this journey over the years by staying curous, reading online articles, trying new techniques andI try to incorperate the knowledge I’ve gained about humane web design.

It’s taken some time, but I am now in a place where I am proud of the work I can deliver.

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Another Multiverse Nasa Telescope
Somewhere in Another Multiverse

Another Multiverse was inspired by NASA’s new gigantic space telescope, it’s a simple representation of the telescope, and a multiverse around it.

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Over the years I’ve worked closely with Sunsafe to make updates to its brand identity. This manifests as an evolving logo, color palette, and website.

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Coming Soon

My personal brand, LLD, is a 10+ year long evolution of how I express myself as a person, my work and my aesthetic. 

It’s been a great joy to have been closely involved with the brand and digital marketing for Sunsafe. We really grew up together, so to speak, and I am so greatful for the oppertunity.