Catalogs, flyers, banners and business cards. Work, projects and learning about graphic design.


Graphic design has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl, age 9 I created a fictional magazine, organizing the header, catching headlines and making myself the cover girl. My school reports were created meticulously, cohesive font sizes, mixing the length paragraphs, and adding a variety of photos and illustrations to accompany the text. 

In art school I was introduced to design principles and learned to use Adobe tools, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and PremierPro. 

Over the years I have worked on both digital and print design. The printed work includes logos, business cards, catalogs, newspaper ads, flyers, roll-ups and design for car branding. The digital work includes banner ads, digital assets for websites and social media.

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Over the years I’ve worked closely with Sunsafe to make updates to its brand identity. This manifests as an evolving logo, color palette, and website.

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Laura Ljungqvist Stockspiration

Stockspiration is an exercise in color, creating panels for my digital portfolio. Incorporating a rainbow of colors from Material Design, photographs from Unsplash and Illustrator.

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My personal brand, LLD, is a 10+ year long evolution of how I express myself as a person, my work and my aesthetic. 

It’s been a great joy to have been closely involved with the brand and digital marketing for Sunsafe. We really grew up together, so to speak, and I am so greatful for the oppertunity.