Rich Media

Photos, illustrations, videos and GIFs. Work, projects and learning about rich media.


Photography has played a central role in my life, when my parents bought their first digital camera, I treated it like it was my own, I was always taking photos. In art school I was introduced to my first analog camera, and got to develop film, and play with exposure in the dark room. And I currently own 3 different Polaroid cameras.

Since I was a teenager I have shot and edited videos. Filming a modern version of Pyramus and Thisbe, interviews with youth politicians active in my city, and my friends’ parkour stunts. In the last year I have gone back to this passion, relearning to use PremierPro, and I have started a small project to get better familiar with AfterEffects.

Using rich media has become so much easier in recent years with so many sources for free stock photos, videos, illustrations, music and sounds. Entire libraries of assets that can be remixed. For the longest time I made my own, from illustrations to gifs and backgrounds, when I needed artwork I relied on myself.

Coming Soon

  • Meme lord, GIFs, and other hyper shareable content.
  • Photographs of the Netherlands and Sweden.