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Early on, when my dad gave me access to the internet, I knew I wanted make my own website, my own space. The first I made were with builders, and my biggest obstacle was content.

One of the first things I ran into was besides needing to write text, I needed images, illustrations and later videos. I saw all of these things as one package. 

I made a goal early on I wanted to find a way to bring these together. I decided I would need, at a bare minimum, some knowledge and novice experience in each of these disciplines. 

One of the most impact experiences I have from Art school, is to be confident enough with my skills and aesthetics to try new things. And having a feeling that I am welcome in different spaces, and can follow my curiosities.

In hindsight it feels it prepared me to be at the right place in the right time. I am interested in the new forms of rich media and other digital content, and I’m excited to try them on for size.

I’ve made the little girl in me proud, it took me some years, but I am really proud of myself, and hope this is only the beginning. I will at least work at it, to make it so.

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Warcraft ASMR
Warcraft ASMR

The idea was to create ambient/ASMR videos from different zones in World of Warcraft, focusing on what you hear, with the context of where you would hear it.

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Another Multiverse Nasa Telescope
Somewhere in Another Multiverse

Another Multiverse was inspired by NASA’s new gigantic space telescope, it’s a simple representation of the telescope, and a multiverse around it.

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Meme lord, GIFs, and other hyper shareable content.

Photographs of the Netherlands and Sweden.