WordPress, Woo Commerce, Bootstrap, Material Design and Elementor. Work, projects and learning about web design.


My earliest experience with web design started in my teens, using drag and drop tools. Myspace and Tumblr introduced me to HTML and CSS, and taught me how to customize websites without much coding experience. Since then I graduated to using Atom to write, and use frameworks such as Bootstrap.

Over the years my preferred method of making websites is WordPress. I’ve used a variety of themes and theme builders, but currently work a lot with Elementor, because it is very easy to use and has great integration with WooCommerce. 

My work on websites has been broad, including structuring the pages, designing everything from navigation and landing pages, to buttons and contact forms. Working on content, such as writing creative copy and SEO, collecting and making creative assets, But also speed testing and optimizing using tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights and

Coming Soon

  • One of my favorite projects lately has been “This is the Remiix”, a website and brand concept for fictional streamer “Remiix”.
  • Last year I made a reimagination of a website for muscician “Slow Magic”. Creating a simple landing page design linking to their content on other platforms.