WordPress, Woo Commerce, Bootstrap, Material Design and Elementor. Work, projects and learning about web design.


Fundamentally, I consider myself more of an artist than a designer, and websites are one of the mediums in which I make my art.

After a brief time studying IT, I switched and now call myself a self-taught web designer, with several years of freelancing, and 10 years professional working experience.

Much of my work is created in WordPress, with Elementor, Bootstrap and Material Design. Most of my development education comes from Google, StackOverflow, W3Schools, Mozilla and Codecademy.

I’ve started learning Angular to compliment my knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP, and experience with WordPress.

And my current learning focus is accessibility and ethical design. Making the internet accessible and empowering to everybody. And incorperate healthier ways to use technology in our every day lives.

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Demo: What Happened Here

Demo website for a video game concept What Happened Here. About flying, exploration, learning about history, and enjoying the beautiful word around us.

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LLD Website Light Mode
Laura Ljungqvist Website Concept

For the 2020 overhaul of lauraljungqvist.se I want to create a non-intrusive space, that reminds of an internet without ads.

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Coming Soon

One of my favorite projects lately has been “This is the Remiix”, a website and brand concept for fictional streamer “Remiix”.

Last year I made a reimagination of a website for muscician “Slow Magic”. Creating a simple landing page design linking to their content on other platforms.