Fogwise Agent Interface

Fogwise was a Swedish company which offered companies a market research solution in the form of an automated dialing service over VOIP.
Fogwise Agent Screencap

Between 2016 and 2018 I had the wonderful oppertunity to work for Fogwise. As in-house designer my work for Fogwise included developing an admin interface, an agent interface, and brand identity, to name a few.

Agent Interface

One of my responsibilities included the implimentation of the new branding, such as logo, font and colors, into the WiseDialer agent interface.  This interface was previously updated to HTML5, my task was to make this more cohesive with the admin interface design.

Whilst doing so I couldn’t go too far from the current design, as to keep it cohesive with the previous HTML5 design. This was to keep the disruptions for the agents using the system to a minimum, whilst introducing them slowly to the new design and new features.

Fogwise Colors
Fogwise Typography
Fogwise Login Register
Fogwise Buttons

Cosmetic Updates

The majority of the work on this interface were cosmetic changes. Additional to the design updates we also slowly introduced additional functionality updates to the light theme, and a new dark theme. 

Some of the design updates I worked on were improvements to to login page, navigation, dashboard and announcements.

New features

The functionality updates to the interface came with newly added features. Some of these included the new chat feature, survey review, call forwarding and request assistance.


And, as many other companies, we ensured GDPR compliance , making updates to user account and informing all users of these changes through the interface, email, an update on the front page and on social media.

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