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Guild Master Enthack (lvl 80) Tauren Shaman

Enthack lvl 80 tauren shaman gm
Enthack lvl 80 tauren shaman gm

Guild Master Enthack

Enthack, or better known as Spa, is Guild Master of the Guild Lotto on Twisting Nether and has been GM of the original structure of the guild since Vanilla. With Lotto he survived 2 merges and 3 expansions, seen changes in content and difficulty and people come and go. I’d like to introduce you to Enthack, talking about his experiences raiding and he shows that managing a guild isn’t as easy as most people think it is.

UBRS Raiding

Enthack started playing on EU release in February of 2005; “I never played beta but a friend of mine did and he told me about this awesome new game. Went to see it at his place and I saw some little fat dwarf running around and thought that could be kind of cool.”

His first character was a paladin but switched to Shaman before he hit level 10, it’s the Shaman he still plays today “I rolled Shaman along with 2 real life friends who also made shamans – which we thought was cool. But in hindsight it was terrible of course, since we ran 3 shamans and tried to do everything.”

He joined a Danish levelling guild and hit 60 about 4 weeks after the release. “It was relatively fast back then – remember grinding the last level in a yet unpopulated Silithus.”

Enthack - Yeswewiped - vael

“Our first raids were complete mayhem.”

He started raiding in March ’05 doing UBRS, Scholomance and Stratholme class raids and a little bit of Molten Core with The Core Within. “I met a shaman called Buffalo, an officer in The Core Within, who was in pretty much full T.5 and got interested in how he got this insane blue gear.”

He describes his first raids as total mayhem but he knew from the first pull that working together with 39 other was a part of the game he wanted to explore more. ”Some of our early raids were kind of shit, most didn’t really know much about raiding. It was overwhelming, in the start we maybe cleared Lucifron and Magmadar on 1 night. But finally killing a boss and seeing those insane epics that no one else had, that was a nice feeling.”

Enthack - Gruul

“People burned out left, right and centre.”

Few months in they cleared the majority of the bosses in MC, and finally got decent amount of people for a raid but kept wiping on Majordomo. Enthack felt he had a better way to try to kill him. “This was about the time I stepped us a raid leader because those we had lacked initiative. The boss seems easy today but having 4 sheeps and 6 tanks was new back then.” His tactics worked out and they got him down.

The success continued in BWL, it took about 4 months from release till they killed Nefation in November. “Coming from MC, BWL was hard. We were stuck on Vael for quite a while but slowly pushed through and finally killed Nefarion.”


During AQ the guild master of The Core Within started to have his doubts about the game. After struggling for a few months Enthack and Buffalo decided to split up and make their own guild Ascension, with many players from TCW and Enthack as the guild master. They started out in AQ and were doing pretty good up to Huhuran. “Then we had 3 tanks quit within 2 weeks and I thought ‘FUCK NO’ and became tank for the sake of the guild, an Undead awesome Warrior.” They cleared the rest of AQ except for Ouro, reason being people didn’t care as much after killing C’thun.

Naxxramas didn’t make it better “It was again a new level of hard and at this time the guild was once again struggling; people burned out left, right and centre cause of the insane farming requirements to even raid Naxx.” There were no server transfers or faction switches so the recruitment pool was rather small so they only killed 6-7 bosses in Naxx and left it at that till TBC. Luckily for Enthack, he did get to complete Vanilla when another guild Black Division, had some tank issues themselves and he him fill in on their Kel’Thuzad kill.

Twisting Nether

Around Burning Crusade release there was a free migration available and Ascension moved to Twisting Nether. “TBC raiding at first was horrible, 45 minute trash respawn timers and t4 being shit itemized made t5 content really really hard. Karazhan was awesome though and we made very good progress there amongst the first on the server.” Despite that things seemed to fall apart again and Enthack left for Conspiracy, but when he had to take a break because of some real life issues, he got kicked from the guild and tried to piece Ascension back together. “When I got back I didn’t want to give up so gathered what was left of Ascension and tried to look for a guild to merge with.” He found Aagaard, GM from Salvation, who had about the same progression and the same issues, approached him with a merge suggestion and the guild, now known as Lotto, was created. “We got our first Magtheridon kill on 1 of the first raid days with lotto and Vashj/Kael’Thas followed rather soon after.”

“Mu’ru showed how tight blizzard could tune things if they wanted to.”

“BT and MH went rather good for us.” With a solid raid group they cleared content in a decent fashion, killing Illidan on 27th of November ’07. “Zul’Aman had some interesting fights but no real challenges, besides the timed run which was cool.” Also Sunwell were great times for Enthack, he was able to roll back to his Shaman and killed Mu’ru pre nerf “It pretty much showed how tight blizzard could tune things if they wanted to.” The Mu’ru kill was very close to 3.0.1 so they never got a proper Kil’Jaeden kill. “We 1 shot him on patch release night but that was an empty victory.”
Enthack - Kael-thas Tempest Keep

Icecrown Citadel

Wrath didn’t start without some bumps in the road, some players got 80 within 3-4 days however most didn’t hit it till quite a lot later. “We made it into Naxx within 8-10 days after release of wrath and killed Sartharion 3D .” Still suffering with attendance issues Ulduar came along, but they weren’t the only ones. “Chapter had the same issue and one day I saw Rinku, their GM, talk about how shit everything was for them, and I suggested to him they could join us and we could have a go at it, and once again we managed to get a merge to work.” Their first week raiding together they got 1 light, Freya +3 and, with Chapters experience, Fire Fighter. Making the 2nd merge work is something he’s really proud of because they go bad so often, and they managed to do it twice.

“Conspiracy was sure they would take the server first Insanity.”

“ToC was terribly designed, having to clear 4 raid IDs every week. But besides that this was probably when we had our best raid setup. We had the best of the Lotto and Chapter raiders and that clearly showed.” Now they were fighting on server firsts with Conspiracy. They both killed HM Anub same reset September 24th, but the week after Lotto failed to even repeat their Anub kill, and Conspiracy was kind of sure they would take the server first Insanity. “By some freak accident, the week after we went in there and played like we were at gunpoint and actually managed to achieve the Tribute to Insanity as 19th in the world.” This was the 3rd week of hard modes and Lotto did beat Conspiracy who had been server 1st for ages. “It was pretty fucking epic.”

“In wrath not being geared meant you were lazy.”

You would think having a world top20 kill made recruiting for Icecrown Citadel easier but getting solid players were still very hard, it didn’t stop them but there were some annoyances. “I would like to vent that Blizzard should have gated the hard modes NOT the normal modes. Most hard modes were too easy though but Deathwhisper and Putricide at 0% buff was good.” He sees Lich king hard mode as the worst and best fight Blizzard ever made “Stuff like 3 healers getting picked up by Val’kyr was really stupid, they clearly showed they could point the healers on Sindragossa, so why not limit the amount of healers that could get picked up.” He got the kill June 13th and sees it as the best kill in the expansion. “The DPS requirements on the fight were pretty damn intense and there was just so much to deal with. There’s some mechanics in that fight that makes you consider if the designers are sadists, but once you get the hang of it you can avoid most by skill.”


Enthack has only played 1 hour on the Beta so he didn’t much go into detail, but he’s seems optimistic; content looks awesome and some of the boss mechanics look interresting. He’s also excited about the changes to emblem gear “In Wrath not being geared meant you were lazy – I really hope that changes in Cataclysm.” And ofcourse it’s again a fresh start for Lotto. “We recruited most of what we think is needed and trying to set up everything in advance.” He says the people in Lotto are the main reasons he still plays, so he and the officers work hard on keeping the guild running smooth. “If I didn’t have these people around, I most likely wouldn’t bother spending so much time on a game. And as much as I hate it when people fuck up we got to remember that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.” He’s bought the online copy and like Madlax he plans to level slowly. “I’ll probably spend 3-4 days levelling and then take it from there. I kind of learned from previous releases to just do it at my pace and that works out well. Not going to loose a ton of sleep or go on a caffeine trip to get server first.”
Enthack - Its Xerxes

Any last thing you'd want to add?

“Remember it’s just a game.” – Enthack


Thanks to Enthack for a great interview and providing fantastic screenshots.
Interview from October 2010, origionally posted on IPlayDisc.