Self-Initiated Projects

Hardware Illustrations

This is the Remiix is a fictitious gamer and streamer brand, for which I created hardware illustrations for use on YouTube, Twitch and social media.
This is the Remiix hardware illustrations
This is the Remiix hardware illustrations


As a streamer you’re dependent on your viewers and brand deals for income. This makes having a recognizable brand identity important for both bigger and smaller streamers.

For “This is the Remiix” I wanted to create some assets that were relevant to the marketing potential of a streamer. The subject I chose was equipment and the medium I chose was illustrations.


Streaming has evolved to be a very commercial activity. The streamers, often young people, create personas for their audiences to connect with, and brands to be willing to associate with, these are both ways of making streaming profitable. 

Your equipment is a central part of being a streamer. First your hardware needs to be good enough to be able to handle gaming and streaming at the same time, not to mention other activities such as VoiceCom, or reviewing videos.

Many streamers have a wishlist of items they hope viewers will purchase for them on Amazon (the biggest streaming platform Twitch is owned by Amazon), in the guise of helping improve the stream.


Streamers and their audience are relevant for many hard- and software companies when targeting specific audiences.

As people whose job revolves around using their computer and mobile devices to connect to their audience,, streamers can be a great method of marketing these products, and a variety of companies and streamers are playing into this.

A streamer may get a discount to purchase equipment, or give their audience a discount code, and in return advertise the product on their stream. Or, as xQcOW, attempt to put a computer together, on stream, for content.


One way I thought of linking the equipment directly to the brand, was to make hardware illustrations. These could be used in YouTube covers, Twitch panels, social media such as Instagram story covers, but also in potential partnerships with other brands.

Alternative uses can be branded materials such as desktop and mobile backgrounds, and as moving visual assets in video intros and transitions.

The materials function to build recognition of a streamers brand identity, and allows the products and services they promote to fit seamlessly within the brand.