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We get content faster, and for many of us, our tolerance for slow internet is questionable at best.

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Website Loading Speed


Since its inception, the loading speed of websites and apps has gotten so much faster. We get content faster, and for many of us, our tolerance for slow internet is questionable at best.¬†Amazon found that slow loading speed directly affects their bottom line, people don’t want to wait.

Please Load Faster

Picture this, you’re in a car, bur or train, going somewhere, and you’re looking on your phone. And then nothing seems to load, you click something and nothing happens. And you think to yourself “I’m doing this wrong,. Panic!”

We get used to the speed in which things load, and quickly get that “please load faster” feeling. For many of us this is just a minor inconvenience.

However, as more public services and access to the world has gone online, for some of us it can be more detrimental to lose or have slow internet. This became abundantly clear in the pandemic, when businesses and schools went remote.

Time Is Money

Several years ago Amazon calculated the price of loading speed, and found that for every 1 second of loading time, they could potentially lose 1,6 billion in sales each year. At risk of sounding alarmist, asking people wait for content to load can literally costs businesses.

Amazon’s sales may not comparative with all online sales, but it shows a value that speaks to why speed can matter. Google also estimated in 2016 that “53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load”.

Optimizing For Google

One of the goals is to score high in search engines, but to do so can be a cat and mouse with search engines. Some have described it as Google changes as they learn from users, as those users learn these changes and adapt, in a vicious circle.

Along with good content, SEO and accessibility, the website loading speed has been noted as one of the important aspects of scoring high in search.

One example is from 2018, when speed also became a factor for Google Search and Ads. Now when someone searches from their phone, the favored websites are those that load in less than 3 seconds.

Simple Fast Loading Designs

This is why, for me, optimizing websites for fast loading speed is so interesting for me, it seems like one of those things you can do to get “Big bang for your buck”.

When working with Elementor, I find that I get so excited about animations and movement in web design. Whilst pleasant to look at, I have to constantly remind myself that it won’t be presented so snappy for many visitors from different locations. And I’ve become more aware how I’ve unintentionally have slowed down loading speed.

Most of my learning so far as been through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Fast or Slow. Getting helpful tips on how to improve speed, and directly seeing the results on a global scale.

My momentary bliss is from the latest WordPress update, in which they added support for WebP next-gen images. These can sometimes be 90% smaller than more traditional formats such as JPEG and PNG. And I can confirm I’ve been able to see a lot of good results on loading speed.

Also a lot can be accomplished with cashing on the server side, however I am not terribly versed on how to do this, so I won’t go into detail. I do think a lot of people recommend CloudFlare and Kinsta.

I personally have learned so much about making a website, by attempting to make my websites faster. There’s a lot of tools out there, and I hope by practicing more I will find a good balance between a good loading speed with good quality content, visually pleasing, functional and accessible design.



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