NKPG Design Style Guide

Design choices made for the NKPG Design brand identity.
NKPG Design style guide

Design, Websites & Norrköping City

NKPG Design is a company founded in Norrköping, Sweden.


The colors were inspired by Norrköping; the city is at the heart of me, it’s the heart of the business. The sky, visible in much of the materials, symbolizes that the sky’s the limit. The blue serene color symbolizes calm in the storm of the 2020 Covid pandemic.

The blue was inspired by the 2020 Pantone color of the year. The Pink is a wink to the Y2K new technology aesthetic, when possibilities seemed endless. 

The blue and pink color palette originally also include yellow, but was later removed, as it was too disruptive in the design.

NKPG Design Logo
NKPG Design - Made in Norrköping

Font Paring

The typography symbolizes the internet and technology. The font paring combines Roboto Mono as a primary font for the body text, and Volkorn CS as a secondary font for the headers. All fonts can be downloaded from Google Fonts.

Rich Media

The brand is enhanced by illustrations and photos of Norrköping, Sweden and technology.

NKPG Design Style Guide


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