Graphic- and Web Designer (2020 – Current)

Graphic- and Web Design

NKPG Design is a love letter to Norrköping. Living here has changed me, and I am so greatful. During 2020 I made the next step in my career, and launched NKPG.Design. Creating websites and digital marketing for small local businesses and friends abroad.

Brand Identity

The colors were inspired by Norrköping; the city is at the heart of me, it’s the heart of the business. The sky, visible in much of the materials, symbolizes that the sky’s the limit. The blue serene color symbolizes calm in the storm of the 2020 Covid pandemic. 

NKPG Design style guide
NKPG Design website


The goal is to create a beautiful space to showcase NKPG Design and its services.

Digital Marketing

There are some plans in the works for digital marketing, some of it not quite ready for reveal. I hope to share more about this soon.

Path to Purchase - Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

Increase marketing effectiveness by understanding the processes, and points of contact, your customers are presented with. Lessons from the experts.

Snickare Sokes

Snickare Sökes

A concept social media campaign to help a business hire a carpenter through videos on a variety of platforms.

YouTube Video Content and Ads

Video Marketing

It doesn’t have to cost much to start creating video campaigns that work for your business.

Open Source

Open Source

Open Source is a decentralized model of software development, with the goal to encourage collaboration.

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