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People Power

The power of people is in the things we make. We are makers, and I want to make something with you.
People Power

We Are Makers

The power of people is in the things we make. We are makers. We curate, organize and refine. We sometimes accept the imperfections, or make iterations. We make the rules, and then we break them. We experience successes and losses in various forms. 

We are making, and I want to make something with you.

We Make the Internet

The internet is a big experiment of sharing and synthesizing information. In doing so we have had the power to cancel a lady for making a tweet about Africa, and make Justin Bieber famous.

We crowdfunded people’s surgeries, business ideas and political careers. And my favorite, we have open source,  and creative communities, and we make things together.

We are slowly reinventing the future of our world, one day at a time.

What a Meme

I was listening to a podcast by a group of designers, the name slipped my mind, but they were discussing how, what we now call trending, has changed design and marketing. 

We’re now in a time in which work that takes hours to make, competes often on a similar platform, as a meme that took 1 minute to make with a meme generator.

In that same context, small creators are having to compete with large design firms, which  in some cases the internet empowered them to do.


We don’t create in a vacuum. And we collectively are creating at an immense volume. Making is a collaborative, even if we don’t directly interact, the things we see influence and inspire how we see the world and make things.

We build. Alone, together in groups, in close collaboration, and from a distance. Some of us are teachers, some of us partner up with others, and others embed ourselves into teams. We take on these roles in one form or another.


There’s something really intimate about sharing in certain meme culture within a community, and contribute to it, and have people share this.

Yet also something destructive, in how communities can easily become bubbles where toxic behaviors are tolerated or encouraged. I’m sure we can all think of an online witch hunt or two that were set ablaze by communities.

Twitch and Discord are known for a variety of reasons, but despite some of the toxic spaces, some people are using these platforms with noble goals to contribute positively to their communities.

Admittedly, there are communities on the internet I’d rather stay away from, but I can’t help but be fascinated by the different identities of the different online communities. 

Managing a community is hard, but I think I want to go back to it, and I want to do it with a focus on making. I want to find people who want to make things with me, I want to learn from you, and I want you to teach me.

Let's Connect

We are making, and I want to make something with you. I seek a mentor, I want to mentor someone else, and I want to build a community. 

If you’re inspired by my work, and are willing to spare me some of your time, I hope you’ll reach out to me.


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