Retouch Assignment

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Retouch assignment


This is a small and fun assignment I’ve done for a potential employer. My task was a retouch assignment, to cut out the guy in the middle (from the image below) and put him on a different background of my choice.

Retouch assignment original

Space Jumps

The first thing I did was decide a fun background, to hopefully stand out, that made sense with the pose of the guy. I’m a big fan of space, and I thought it could be fun to make it appear as if the person was being catapulted across the universe. A simple solution for a simple task.

I cut him out, added a space background and positioned the earth. To make it look good, I had to remove some color reflections on his clothing and skin. By adding some motion blurring I tried to visualize the motion of being catapulted from earth into space.


It’s not a big project, but I’m happy with my simple, yet clever solution. It did not lead to me getting the job, but I was fortunate to receive some good feedback.

Thanks for reading

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