Self-Initiated Projects

Revs de Cuba

Concept Website & Brand Identity


Revs de Cuba is a World of Warcraft Horde guild on Tarren Mill EU. They were formed before the launch of the Shadowlands expansion. The name Revs de Cuba, comes from the bar where guild members met, previous to the pandemic, and where the idea for forming the guild originates.


In celebration for the Shadowlands, and to assist with recruitment efforts, and promote guild streamers, I made a brand identity and concept landing page.

The color palette centers around the color red, for the Horde faction. The image in the banner is from the Blizzard World of Warcraft Shadowlands promotional marketing materials. As shared as a desktop background by Blizzard’s twitter account.


My goal in this project was to use color for navigation. Make a simple 5 page website with limited source material.

For years I’ve tried working with red in my web designs, and I found it quite hard, to me it’s not an easy color to work with. But I wanted to take on the challenge.

I paid a lot of attention to different effect that can be applied to images. I wanted to go for an intense distortion of the original image, and accomplished this with color and contrast layers. Then I made 3 color variations from the color palette, for the different categories.

I’m quite happy with how the different versions feel distinctly unique, whilst still feeling cohesive within the different designs.


View also the demo landing page created for this project.