Shopify Website Landing Page Web Shop Screenshot

Web Shop

This is a small project I worked on a few years ago, a one page web shop. For a variety of reasons I am not going mention who I did this work for, one of them being protecting the identity of people involved.

The screenshots provided are changed from the original work that was ultimately used, but I want to present this as a great case for how great Shopify is, and how simplicity can be effective.

The purpose of the web shop was to sell promotional materials for a community, to wear at an event. The purchase would both financially support the cause, and also promote the cause during the event, by having the audience wear the promotional materials.


I created a simple one page web shop using Bootstrap and Shopify. The page meant to introduce the event, introduce the two promotional items, and present private payment options.

Bootstrap was used to create the layout and general styling. The branding for the event was purple and orange, and I chose to match these colors for cohesion and relevancy.

With Shopify I could add products to the page and a check out widget on the side (not visible in the screenshot).

It was really fun to work with Shopify, because it was easy to use, and it was such a simple solution to add web shop functionality to a website.

Shopify Web Shop Screenshot

Crypto Currency

Another interesting thing about this project was allowing the customers to use a variety of different crypto currencies for their payment. As mentioned earlier, privacy was extremely important in this project, and by providing this option, people could pay securely without leaving their identity back to the web shop owner, or Shopify.

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