SSG Facility Services Website

Website redesign for a cleaning services company, with a focus on creating a foundation for optimizing for SEO, adding mobile friendliness features and revitalizing the brand identity.
SSG Facility Services website

Cleaning Company

SSG Facility Services is a cleaning company operating in Sweden with 30 years experience and a trove of happy private, public and commercial customers. Their website had some constraints to be able to optimize it for search engines, so we made a fresh start with a new WordPress website, using Elementor.


The WordPress page builder Elementor is one of my favorite tools to make websites, and I knew I wanted to use it for this project. It’s ease of use allowed me to make templates for different types of content, and give the website an easy and recognizable feeling for the user. Recognition was one of the most important aspects to me when building this website, as cleaning companies are a dime a dozen on the internet, and user friendliness could be a factor for potential customers to chose my client over another.

Facility Services

Some of the problems on the original website which I attempted to resolve in this project, was the services. In the original website all the services were in a single page, hyperlinked with anchors in a hard to use menu.

By seperating each service, they could individually be optimized for SEO. Additionally this would make them easier to navigate through, be interlinked on different pages and allowed me to prioritize specific services to be featured in a more dominant way than others.

What does it cost?

One of the most important questions that potential customers attempt to answer when they visit a website for a service, is the cost estimation. The conversation I have with many of my customers is how we can attempt to answer these questions on their website.

Luckily for this project, there were price lists available, so I was able to create new content pages specifically tailored to answering the questions about price for some of the most important services.

Tracking analytics

Recently I’ve started adding Google’s Site Kit for WordPress to all the websites I make. It’s the most convenient way I have found, to both create analytics accounts and link them to websites. One plugin I definitely recommend for any website.


This website is 100% in my top 5 of favorite websites I ever made. Despite it still being a work in progress, I am very proud of how the visuals and functionality came together. It’s been hard to gaze if the client is actually happy with the result, because it’s been impossible for me to have that conversation with them.

I hope in time they can see the thoughts that went into the foundation I made to build SEO content upon. And I hope that the results will speak for themselves, only time will tell.

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