Sunsafe Video Strategy

Sunsafe Video Design butik Opening

Sunsafe Design Butik Opening

For the opening of the new Sunsafe store in Norrköping, I made an introduction video, to present the store to the public. The footage was used in Sunsafe’s digital marketing strategy, both ads and organic content, on social media and


For weeks prior to the opening, while the store had been renovated, we posted updates on social media. Hinting at the progress, and showing the store space slowly be transformed.

Making the video was slightly frustrating, and I hope to redo this with a better camera and different lens. But all and all I okay with this version being zoomed in, I hope it still has the effect of drawing the viewer into the store as the garage door and gate open.

In this first iteration we didn’t use music or ambiance. The right direction was not yet determined, and we wanted to leave this decision for a later date.

The video is currently featured in the banner on the start page of the Sunsafe website. For the opening the video was released as an add, reintroducing the store  to the local public. Welcoming them back, once they felt safe to do so during the pandemic.

Tools of the Trade

The video was shot on my OnePlus 7T Pro mobile phone. The edits were made in Adobe PremierPro.

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