In-House Designer (2014 – current)

In-house Designer

Website & Digital Marketing Consultant (2020)


Over the years I’ve worked closely with Sunsafe to make updates to its brand identity. This manifests as an evolving logo, color palette, and website.


The work gave me a close up to a variety of disciplines, and was a great learning experience. Materials for a variety of marketing channels, which included newspapers, magazines, catalogs, banners, and business cards.

And getting to work with a Roland RS 540V printer was such a great bonus.


We created a digital marketing strategy, which started with a website, with a focus on SEO. Combined with building a online presence, social media, newsletters and search engine marketing.


Was closely involved with the website 2020 redesign. Helped create creative content, including SEO, photos and videos. We ran a social media ramp up, on several platforms, concurrent  with an AdWords campaign.

And created a variety of promotional materials for the opening of the new location, including flyers, photos and videos.


Website and digital marketing consulting.

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