In-House Designer (2014 – current)

In-house Designer

Website & Digital Marketing Consultant (2020)


Over the years I’ve worked closely with Sunsafe to make updates to its brand identity. This meant updating the logo and creating a style guide, editing photos, and making a WordPress website.


The work gave me a close up to a variety of disciplines, and was a great learning experience. Materials for a variety of marketing channels, which included newspapers, magazines, catalogs, banners, and business cards.

And getting to work with a Roland RS 540V printer was such a great bonus.


We created a digital marketing strategy, which started with a website, with a focus on SEO. Combined with building a online presence, social media, newsletters and search engine marketing.


Was closely involved with the website 2020 redesign. Helped create creative content, including SEO, photos and videos. We ran a social media ramp up, on several platforms, concurrent  with an AdWords campaign.

And created a variety of promotional materials for the opening of the new location, including flyers, photos and videos.

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Sunsafe Garageport photo editing Photoshop
Sunsafe Photo Editing

As the in-house designer for Sunsafe I was responsible for collecting and editing assets in Adobe Photoshop.

Sunsafe website 2015
Sunsafe Website (2015)

Since 2014 I have created several different things for Sunsafe, a family business, from Norrköping in Sweden, who sell doors, windows, sun protection and garage doors.

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In recent years I have worked on a website, consulting and digital marketing with Sunus.

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Revs de Cuba website screenshot
Demo: Revs de Cuba

Website concept demo for Revs de Cuba, World of Warcraft Horde guild on Tarren Mill EU. Promoting the guild, recruitment and its streamers.

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