This is the Remiix

This is the Remiix

I laugh, I cry, I heal (@ Tarren Mill).


I'm a resto Shaman and holy Priest healer, for Revs de Cuba on Tarren Mill.

I've been healing since Burning Crusade. Origionally from Burning Steppes (EU).

See you in the Shadowlands


Castle Nathria Raid

Raiding Castle Nathria is a thrilling experience that requires skill, teamwork, and perseverance. It provides a challenging endgame experience for players who seek a greater level of difficulty than the game’s standard content.

The raid consists of ten bosses, each with their unique mechanics and challenges. As players progress through the instance, they will face off against powerful foes like Hungering Destroyer, Sun King’s Salvation, and the fearsome Sire Denathrius himself.

New Video: Venthyr ASMR intro


Revs de Cuba

Horde raiding guild on Tarren Mill