Self-Initiated Projects

Visual Narrator website mockup

Visual Narrator landing page mockup
Visual Narrator landing page mockup

Visual Narrator

Let me introduce you to Visual Narrator. She is a photographer from the United States. When I had the privilege to speak with her, her work has been featured in Essence, the Shade Room, Buzzfeed, RVA Mag, Girl Gaze and more. Since then her career has blown up even more.


Originally I reached out to her, because I was looking to fill a frame in my livingroom, and I was hoping I could get one of her works to grace my walls. Her and I had some lovely conversations, however in the end she was too busy working.

Website mockup

At the time she didn’t have a website, and I felt really inspired by her work, so I made her a little mock up. I think websites are a great way for artists to promote themselves, but I understand that for many it may feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how much work it can involve to run and update one.


I told her she could use the mockup, if she ever wanted to. I hope she’ll get a website, but if not, I hope she gets the success she so clearly deserves. We only had contact briefly, but she was so kind, and her work so very beautiful and inspiring, I wanted to do something to repay her time and kindness towards me.