Commercial Work

Woodland Works

For Woodland Works I created a brand identity, website and online store, and worked on digital marketing campaigns.

Designer & Developer (2014 – 2015)


Woodland Works is a web store which sells sunglasses, headphones, watches, iphone cases, mac- and headphone stands made from wood. They work with brands such as Woodstone, LSTN and Go Wood. I worked with them from the humble startup beginnings, until the business was sold. 


The work consisted mostly on creating a brand identity, including logo and color palette. Creating website, including web store. And digital marketing, such as setting up social media and creating materials with models.


The idea behind the logo, was to try and incorporate wood, trees or forest, to represent the wood products, with something significantly Swedish, such as the Swedish flag.

The logo we ended up did both, it symbolizes leafs on a tree, and the lay out of the leaf shapes, the dead space visualizes the stripes on the Swedish flag. The clean logo can be added to a variety of content for recognizable branding.

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The web shop was build with WordPress, Fortunato Pro theme and WooCommerce. The work included photo editing, writing SEO and implementing brand identity.

The pain point in this project was my inability to convey the purpose of content, both for marketing and navigation through the website.

Digital Marketing

Additionally I set up the social media, consulted on the digital marketing strategy and communicated with influencers, models and other relevant content creators. I also had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with suppliers, and learn first hand about the founding of a company.