Self-Initiated Projects

You Only Live Once

Brand & Website Concept


“You Only Live Once” is a re-imagination of two former projects, and concept brand.


One day I was playing with the Adobe Color Wheel and made a color palette with a color from Der Bunt: Color Harmonies. I fell in love with the “May Apple” green color, and wanted to do something with it.

The color pallet included the green, also included a darker green, two browns and a purple. It reminded me of a project I worked on years ago for a web shop, which sold wellness products, and decided it could be fun to do a re-imagination of the project.


The goal was to create a wellness brand identity, a simple landing page and elements for a web shop. I took inspiration from Woodland Works, beige and brows, and Unsplash stock photos in the wellness category.

I wanted the design to feel light-weight and incorporate a lot of color from the palette, in backgrounds and banners.


View also the demo landing page created for this project.

Landing Page

For the You Only Live Once landing page we chose a light theme with a green, brown and purple color palette.

The concept for You Only Live Once as a brand and web shop, is a wellness brand, which provides resources in digital and physical form. The page introduces the brand, products and services. As well as promoting a new collection and news letter.

Web Shop

The products in the web shop are from a broad range of categories, but all aim to have a big net benefit in our day to day lives.

Examples are note books, for writing down thoughts, good quality pens to make writing a pleasure, and cook books to lower the bar to incorporate the joy of cooking in your life.

But also ethical clothing brands, cosmetics and candles. Including cross promotion of recognized brands and feedback of products. The goal is not to replace other web shops, but instead to contribute to the community.

Customer Service

We believe that strong customer service is fundamental for any business. For You Only Live Once we perceive education and community as the pillars of customer service.

This means that content is key, it has to be informative and useful to the user. Marketing in the form of guides and resources. And a community fostered for people to explore similar topics and help contribute.